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Saddle Creek
Step back in time to the era of the Dust Bowl in this intermediate to advanced level roleplay.

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Dark Hollow
20 44
Dark Hollow is a new post-apocalyptic canine rpg. We are welcoming new members and staff.
This Is War
19 16

This Is War is a post disaster canine RP set in Breckenridge, Colorado. The humans have started a civil war and the dogs are caught in the and are fighting for survival. Do you think you can survive?
! Risking it All ;;
19 391

Welcome to Cascaro, population: 2,500. Humans and dogs have always had their differences, but nothing like this.

RiA is an advanced feral dog rpg with a 300 word count minimum.
in the midnight hour
19 470
We're a fresh new revamped canine rp site. New plot and gangs are allowed. We allow all canid species. Come join us!!
Marry the night
19 230

a brand new canine site where you can rp as a wolf, fox, coyote, jackal and much more. come check us out.
19 446

A literate to advanced, post-apocalyptic stray canine forum.
Aurorae Lake: Intermediate-Advanced Wolf RP
17 331

Realistic wolf role-play catering to experienced role-players who are sick of mediocrity. There's even a strict-realism section!
Revelation Lost
17 34

Multi-animal roleplay for those looking to have a ton of freedom in a friendly new community. D&D inspired stats, quests, guilds, and even demi-god status are all within your grasp!
17 19

brand new feral canine rp--come start your own pack
Year of the Dog
16 376

Year of the Dog is a semi-realistic, play-by-post canine rpg, set in a post apocalyptic New York city. We accept members from beginner to advanced, all are welcomed!
canine city
16 553

We're an active, semi literate dog RPG. we also allow wolf/fox/coyote hybrids, including regular wolves. we're friendly and always looking for new members. come join us
Canine Company
16 127

a NEW no word count canine rpg. create a gang or join the mafia. easy application!
15 729

Instinct is a literate semi-realistic canine rpg based on the stories of dogs living in the city. Members can play as a domestic dog, stray dog, or feral dog. Wolfdogs are permitted.
The OutCasts
15 335
This place is far from normal, The Hunters have advanced technology and the only ones that stand a chance against them are the animals of The OutCasts!
15 274

a new canine rp set in a small town in maine. when a new weapon that was launched goes wrong, the canines have become the ruling species here.
canine concept
15 39

a brand new fresh post apoc canine roleplay. come and rp as a zombie or ghost
14 222
Whispers on the Wind v2
In a land where wolves live on an island surrounded by a sea of clouds, rumors are forming about land below.
14 254

Minneola is a modern day Sled dog rpg. Minneola is a town I made up in Alaska, 50 miles east of Nome. Now a days Sledding is a sport and life for some people. Minneola is set around Dog sledding but any breed of dog can be joined thanks to electricity and
12 202

NOCTURNE is a is a literate dog and wolf roleplay community centered in an urban city that has an unbridled stray population and a secret dwelling of wolves under the streets. Come check us out!
canine redemption
11 13

brand new stray canine rp
Sparkledog Nation
11 14

Sparkledog Nation is a semi-fantasy multi-animal roleplay game open to writers of all skill levels. We're an open, inviting, and friendly community.
Gone to the Dogs
11 157

Gone to the Dogs is a brand new all canine rpg. We allow any kind of canine your mind can think of. We have a word count of 250 and no character limit. Soon, members will be able to create their pack
11 543
Will you stop him before he stops you?
10 217

We are a fresh new canine site that offers a 100 word per IC post. We are new and active and looking for new members! we hope you like what you see and join us
Shadows on the Island
9 391

Curious canines, vicious wolves and lost humans. What side will you choose and will you survive?

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