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A post-apocalyptic dog rp set in Chicago. The year is 2045. Friendly and accepting

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The Empire
9 371
A unique, advanced canine roleplay since 2009!
The Empire has taken over. Will you fight back?
And can you do it with a SMILE?
Om Mani Padme Hum
8 203

Simplistic wolf role play - no plot, no complicated backstory, brief rules & easy to follow.
Run Man, Run!
8 310
RMR is a domesticated animal RP where their humans have disappeared. Our RP is adventure packed and filled with mysteries. Come and join in on the fun!
All Damned
8 261

All Damned is an PG-13 realistic animal RPG. Our replies will have a minimum of 200 words per IC RP. We encourage that you go above that amount! Welcome to the city of Hell.
8 237

SPACEBOUND is a semi-literate to advanced canine RP that takes place in Chicago, Illinois in the 1950s. We're brand new! Come help us grow!
Sounds of Silence
7 188

Intermediate-Advanced fantasy canine RP. Come join us, where there are two worlds: Enya and Earth. Will you take the challenge?
Ancient Bloods
7 115

Ancient Bloods is an Advanced-Literate, Post apocalyptic, canine roleplay, only accepting domesticated breeds of dogs.
The Faded Plan
7 426
TFP (The Fading Plan) Is a canine RPG with an (in character) post minimum of 200 word count. They had erased all their minds. Or atleast they had thought....
Locked Hearts
7 129

Locked Hearts is a RPG with with a minimum of 100 words per post. We have friendly members and lots of other animals for our members to roleplay. Join us!
Apocalypse Zoo
7 48

The humans called it the end of the world. They fought and the war took its toll on the entire planet. But the animals didn't care. All they knew was that the humans that cared for them were disappea
The Walking Spastics
6 417

In the abandonded Pripyat, wild lives dance about the area, a few infected with a slight mutation. Where will you reside? The Risky & Strong Mafia, the Mysterious Radio Dogs, or the Peaceful Saints?
Ashley Franks
6 6
An 18 and up mating themed site. All animals (even humans) welcome.
6 290
A dhole roleplay, centered around Asiatic Wild Dogs in a land named Trench, it's a very unique and fun rp.
Rocket Dog
5 46

Decode: Vroyh Pbvwhulhv, Srvw-Dsrfdobsvh, Sorwv dqg vxesorwv hqfrxudjhg, hqirufhv vrolg fkdudfwhu shuvrqdolwlhv, uhdolvwlf fdqlqh jhqhwlfv, vfl-il wrqhv.
5 364
We are a feral dog rpg. We are just getting started, so join today!
4 247
A very new domestic and feral sled dog RPG with a friednly and welcoming staff team, we currently have no members but we are trying desperately to get some and hope to contribute Relentless to the ama
4 151


In 2012, canines have rebelled against the humans. they were tired of being treated and regarded as nothing more than 'pets'. So the canines st
The United Dog Rp
4 130

The United Dog RP is a new dog roleplay! Here you can make up to eight characters and join a dog pack! Our roleplay is set in the streets of San Francisco! We are always accepting new members!
4 341
StreetLife is a literate Stray Dog rpg. It has a very interactive plot, and many staff members to ensure things go quickly. It is currently looking for members with original ideas, to add to the sites
4 18

a new canine rpg set in the modern world.
Unbroken Spirits
3 117
Unbroken Spirits is a semi-literate fantasy canine/feline role-play site, giving players the ability to create their characters as they wish, no limitations. We appreciate you visit here had hope you
Perros In Chaos
3 212

Realistic canine RPG, 150 word count, Brand new! Just opened 11-14-10
3 254
In the year 5025, a cataclysmic event sent much of the world into destruction. In an attempt to replenish, wolves among a few other speices were sent to live in Africa..the last stronghold upon Earth.
Shadows on the Island
3 80

Choose between several different species, including canines as one of the top three choices! Either way, you're all stuck on an unknown island in the hidden void of the Bermuda Triangle
Rascal Dogs
3 238

Create your own stray or pet dog. Fight, hunt, or fall in love in this new rp site.

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